And the winner of Round Seven, (Wildcard) is:
2 Way Tie:
Desmond Dekker - Fu Manchu
Joe Higgs - There's a Reward

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Round Seven (Wildcard) vote: from Scott Schaffer
Desmond Dekker - Fu Manchu

Blurb to follow.



Round Seven (Wildcard) vote:   from Brad Paul
Joe Higgs - There's a Reward

Joe Higgs, “There’s a Reward”

The particular strength of each song was pretty clearly defined in this round. Higgs, the teacher with a lovely ballad, Desmond Dekker coming hard with a cool and mysterious rhythm and Jimmy Cliff with what I’ve always thought was the best voice in reggae. I don’t know that I heard (or at least remembered) any of these tunes, but thought they represented a good start at setting a foundation for the Wild Card rounds. The soulful Jimmy Cliff, our first Rock Steady number. In the end, I guess I just had to go with Joe Higgs for his pioneering ways.

Brad Paul


Round Seven (Wildcard) vote:  from Howard J
Desmond Dekker - Fu Manchu

Interesting round.

Let me start with Culture.  While I love Culture as a band, and Joseph Hill with without a doubt a musical hero of mine, I have to say this track is not the best of Culture.  I am unhappy to even report this, but I had to re-rip this track from my CD collection, because I had deleted it from my MP3 collection.  Marcus is not something I would put out there to represent Culture, and in my mind had to be eliminated from my voting process.  Sorry.

I have never heard either Fu Manchu or Wahjahka Man. I listened to them both several times, and ultimately made my decision based on what I felt was the more original selection; Fu Manchu.  I liked the scatting at the end immensely (rom-bam-ba-dom), and the vocals of Desmond Dekker are from another time. 

Jimmy Cliff is great, and I don't want to knock him at all, but for some reason, more I listened to Wahjahka Man, the more it felt like it was  "the feel-good-hit of the 80's"  A bit light for me..

Howard J


Round Seven (Wildcard) vote:  from Joe
Joe Higgs - There's a Reward

Truly a wildcard round if there ever was one.

I love Jimmy Cliff, and he's responsible for my entrance into this music.  I remember the legendary status that "Follow My Mind" had your house, Scott, and the trouble we had finding this record later.  This song is lacking, though - too polished, maybe too groomed for an American and European of market.  I would have preferred almost anything off the other albums you mentioned. 

Culture - maybe my favorite group of all time, but kind of a disposable song.  Respect to the Maputo posse for choosing Joseph Hill.

So that leaves Joe Higgs.  This is a fine song and a cool version. And I'm happy to throw a vote to a man who, through his own great talent and musical skills made so many other successful careers possible.  



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