Round 7 (part 2): WILD CARD

From Howard J:

Culture - Work on Natty

For the last few years, I had enjoyed seeing Culture live at Toads Place in New Haven CT.  A small club close to Yale University.  It's a nice venue, small, and personal.  Each year, when I would go to Toads, I would wait anxiously to see him arrive on stage/  He was a lightning rod, a messenger for sure, a mystic rasta in the old school tradition, and a consummate professional, always putting on a fantastic show, regardless of the size of the crowd.

Seeing Culture live was always a refreshing, re-charging experience.  Joseph could always be counted on to point out some timely issues, or take time to point the right way.  Culture was my absolute favorite band to see live, and when I heard that Joseph Hill passed on, I could barley believe it.  His passing was a real blow to reggae music.  He was a powerful force of nature, and had a moral authority that is singularly unique.

Joseph Hill was a true inspiration to me in many ways, but this track in particular always had something special.  The background vocals, the few opening lines, the wicked base line; I never grow tired of Work on Natty.  It is in constant rotation in my personal play list, and captures the essence of everything I love about Culture.  I have loved this track for over 20 years, but putting any part of it's meaning or importance into words that will do it justice is an impossible task for me. Play it loud and let the track speak for itself.  Love and Respect to Joseph Hill.   Culture!

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