From Howard J:

There's a Reward - Joe Higgs

Joe Higgs is the Best.
His long history of working with and teaching the legendary masters of Reggae core elements of vocal & harmony structure is well know to us all. Joe Higgs was a teacher with a universal message of hope.  Often called the Father of Reggae Music, Higgs was truly an original.

I chose this song, and this particular version because it's one of the most touching pieces of music I have ever heard.  And, quite frankly, I wanted the great Joe Higgs in my corner.

It was said that Higgs considered "There's a Reward" his anthem and biographical song, "detailing a life of often being mistreated and overlooked, yet still holding strong and having hope for his future"

I gleaned this track from a video; Roots Rock Reggae Inside the Jamaican Music Scene (1977).  It's just Higgs and his guitar. Poor audio quality (or perhaps crickets in the background) obscure the track somewhat, but the power and intention of the song comes through loud and clear.  Joe Higg's voice on this rare acoustic version is charged with an energy that makes me tearful when I hear it, every time. It delivers on so many levels.. 

Man, you hear what I say...

There's a Reward

The original track from the 1975 Life of Contradiction is awesome, but somehow, this acoustic version captured an emotional energy that I could not deny.. 

Everyday my heart is sore
Seeing that I'm so poor
But I shall not give up so easy
There's a reward for me, there's a reward for me
Though I'm bordered down with shame
There's no one for me to blame
But I shall not give up so easy
There's a reward for me, there's a reward for me
Sometimes I feel like a motherless child
You know no one cares for me
I've never known sympathy
Sometimes I look to this world with a smile
Man you hear what I say...

Love and Respect to Joe Higgs -

Howard J

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