And the winner of Round Six, the DUB category, is:
Dub Syndicate - Hey Geoff

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Round  Six (DUB) Vote: from Scott Schaffer
Dub Syndicate - Hey Geoff

My vote goes to Dub Syndicate - Hey Geoff.

How can I not vote for this gem?  Although that's not to say the other tunes were cool

Each of these songs are great.  It pretty much sums up our collective tastes.  Roots Rockers,  British punk and something new, and true to the core of what unites us. 



Round  Six (DUB) Vote:   from Brad Paul
Dub Syndicate - Night Train

Hard round, and I mean hard like the best dub. A battle. Iíve been looking forward to this round because I dearly love and crave dub, but it has also played with my mind. Again, like good dub. In solidarity with the great On-u Sound I voted for Scottís pick of ďNight Train.Ē It pleases me. Itís a comfy, atmospheric and spacey groove. I dig the drumming and the samples. I love most everything that Adrian Sherwood, Style and the gang touch. But in the larger analysis Iím troubled by what Podcastbattle is doing to me. Iím consumed. My head is filled with echo. Iím repeating myself. I find myself confused lately. Thoughts seem to drop in and out for parts of the day, then return with force. Sometimes things are spare. Sometimes complex. Podcastbattle, what have you done to me? Iím voting against the Clash! My favorite band. The group that essentially introduced and continues to re-introduce me to reggae. THE CLASH! The ĎOnly Band That Mattersí with that absolutely crucial dub of the Willie Williams track. And, Augustus Pablo. Yikes. Mr. Swaby. Africa Must Be Free by 1983. East of the River Nile. Rockers Dub. Dub. Beautiful, beautiful dub. Podcastbattle is a cruel mistress.

Brad Paul


Round  Six (DUB) Vote:  from Howard J
Dub Syndicate - Hey Geoff

The fact that both Joe and Brad chose Battle Quotes for their blurbs - a real 'Shirley Jones' moment..  Then shocker number 2, double Dub Syndicate tracks. 

Let me start with the Augustus Pablo, Rockers Dub from the Original Rockers LP.  I like this LP, but Original Rockers is not really a full dub LP in the classic sense.  Except for a few actual  "dubs" - Original Rockers is a compilation of singles from the early 70's.   I prefer King Tubbys Meets Rockers Uptown, East of the River Nile & Earth's Rightful Ruler to the Original Rockers LP. While I liked the track, and love Augustus Pablo, it was not the hard core engineer based DUB I was looking for.

So, now it was a battle of 2 Syndicate tracks.   I know both of these tracks, and the choice was pretty easy for me.  I prefer Hey Geoff's more traditional reggae underpinnings.  The overall arrangement is simpler, classical style reggae to me, with a hard down-beat drumming style that I prefer.  While I like Night Train, the constant conga and over electronic tweeting drive me a bit nuts.  This extended version of Hey Geoff gets my vote. 

Howard J


Round  Six (DUB) Vote:  from Joe
The Clash - Justice Tonight / Kick it Over

I would never have imagined that I'd be choosing entirely from the work of Englishmen in the dub round.  Nothing wrong with that, although for brits I might have gone with Aswad w/Michael Campbell or LKJ w/Blackbeard.

 Adrian Sherwood is a fascinating guy, and the stable of talent he put together over the years is first rate.  Having said that, since I first started hearing On-U Sound in my first year of college, I was never blown away.  The music is exquisitely well-crafted and painstakingly put together - but it lacks either heaviness or deep spaceyness.  Sherwood knows what all the necessary ingredients should be, in true billy fashion, but it doesn't fully add up. His only unique addition in these cuts is looped talking samples, which just kind of bug me more than anything else while listening to songs that don't seem to go anywhere.

That leaves me with the Clash. I've always LOVED Kick It Over, and by comparison it totally moves me.   Far from the best dub I've ever heard, but a fucking great song.

I'm floored that nothing from Super Ape nor anything from King Tubby made it into the round.



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