Round 5: Dub

From Scott Schaffer:

I thought for sure you guys would predict my pick.  Well, the artist anyhow, of course not the song, but in my opinion, any song from this producer would represent.  Adrian Sherwood, to me, was the savior of reggae music.  Hard roots music with a refreshing sprinkle of modern technology.  The best "stable" of musicians.   Roots Radics, Lee Perry, Creation Rebel, Singers and Players, Bim Sherman,Augustus Pablo,Congo Ashanti Roy, Bubblers,Prince Fari,The Singers and Players collective, African Head Charge,Dub Syndicate etc. Etc. Etc. Sorry, I could go on forever, but let me sum up my feelings.  In my opinion, if any one of you three guys had the ways and means to make any type of music, music that you would want to listen to, you would make this music. By the way, I've had incredible experience of meeting Style Scott several times and we have had on more than one occasion, conversations about Adrian Sherwood.  One of the things that he told me was that AS would spend months working on the hardest roots reggae albums with absolutely no concern for commercial marketability. He was into it for the love of roots reggae.  Style was totally enamored of AS and was his right hand man for a few years there. Simply put, Adrian Sherwood is the ULTIMATE Billy. I choose the Dub Syndicates' Night Train.  Originally released as an Italian 12" import it is also on Classic Selections Volume One.  I just hope it is the right track, there are so many!

the Adrian Sherwood interview:

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