Round 6: DUB

From Howard J:

For the Dub Round, my selection is
'Justice Tonight/Kick It Over  by
The Clash

from the Super Black Market Clash  LP

Music is a universal language.  Inspired music, imbued with that unnamable charge of life force, is not something that gets turned on and off by the studio engineer.  When it all comes together, an indescribable quality of goodness marks a song, or an artist, or a band for that matter. 

Justice Tonight by The Clash is such a song.

When I started my search for a Dub selection, I was determined to find something inspirational.  Dub can be as simple as a version of a track, but as we all know, in the right hands, it's an art form.  Aswad's New Chatper of Dub taught me that.  I wanted a track that was dynamic, pure inspired entertainment. 

I chose the track 'Justice Tonight' because for me, it is without question, a perpetual font of freshness.  I never grow tired of it.  Perhaps it's those incredible little bells, or the echoes of Joe Strummer; "A lot of people, use a calculator"  

The march like precision, the feeling of falling backward, and floating forward at the same time. 

Or, maybe, it's the double dub effect.  The way this version is put together, just when you think this dub track is over, it break into yet another deeper dub (kick it over).

Nuff Respect to Joe Strummer, and The Clash.   This special version found on SUPER Black Market Clash is a phenomenal Dubplate version of Willi Williams' powerful  "Armagideon Time"


Load up to full watts tonight with this track fellows.

Justice Tonight.

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