And the winner of Round Five, PART III , DJ category, is:
Buro Banton - Boom Wa Dis

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Here are the votes:


Round Five (part 3) Vote:  from Scott Schaffer
Bobby Culture & Nicodemus - Going Home

I really enjoyed this pick.  Listening to this track tickles neurons in my brain that have been laying dormant for years. This song comes from an era of DJ that I actually liked. Great album, great song, great pick.  Howard, good try but that track comes from an electronic age that really bothered me, sorry.  Joe - sticking with Big Youth?!  I probably would have voted for this track in an earlier round but by now I feel like "sticking with the masters" has been played.  You do Get the Trevor vote however. 



Round  Five (part 3) Vote:: from Brad Paul
Buro Banton - Boom Wa Dis

Buro Banton, “Boom Wa Dis"

Well, I thought perhaps overall this was the weakest of the sub-rounds. By no means bad, but it just lacked the killer punch, which makes me think the ultimate winner might have best been determined by the full body of work. That is, Round 5a-c, not just the final pick. That said, I do have my favorite, and once again as I’ve done in the previous two sub rounds, I’m voting for Howard. His “Boom Wa Dis” selection simply reflects my preference for a particular style of DJ, I guess. It seems I generally favor the more fast style stuff, and in the case of “Boom Wa Dis” I also really enjoy the wind it up, hard blast out of the gate rhythm. As I confessed earlier, I just can’t get into Big Youth, although Joe’s very thoughtful and compelling blurb presented a serious challenge for me in the final consideration. It almost single handily had me converted. Confession #2 is that I wanted to vote for Michigan and Smiley because I’ve always really liked them and in many respects they possess some of the same qualities that I see in my own Bobby Culture and Nicodemus pick for this same round. But I’m just not very high on that particular tune. It feels a bit flat to me. For my tastes, M&S have better stuff, including a few from the same album. I can almost guarantee I would have voted for “The System” or “Pass it to the Church” were either the selection instead. I guess the other disadvantage was the lack of a blurb to help explain the pick. Maybe there was something in particular I should be listening to or considering. Something I was missing. Without a little guidance I was just left to my ears alone and “Boom Wa Dis” won out in the end.

Brad Paul


Round  Five (part 3) Vote:: from Howard J
Michigan & Smiley - Blackness Awareness

Love the blub for Big Youth.  Like something out of a great guide to Reggae.   So well written, I almost voted for Big Youth, but in the end, it is not a writing competition.  For me, it was really between Michigan & Smiley and "Going Home"

I enjoyed "Going Home" as always, but Bobby Culture is a singer, and Nicodemus sounds a bit like he just awoke from a nap. As a song, I love it, as a track battling for supreme DJ, I had to pass.  Michigan and Smiley were a big part of my DJ experience, and in the end, they seemed like the most DJ track to my ears.

Just jailhouse, courthouse, poor-house and madhouse. bim-a. 

Hard to deign that tag teaming DJ.

Howard J


Round  Five (part 3) Vote:  from Joe
Buro Banton - Boom Wa Dis

I'd rank all three songs almost equally, but Boom Wa Dis had a little extra hard-driving lyrical ummph.  It gets my vote.  



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