Round 5: DJ (part 3)

From Howard J:

15 years ago.

Dub Vendor Record Shack
150 Ladbroke Grove, North Kensington
London, W10 5NE

On a quest to unearth the freshest vinyl on the planet (and the perfect pint), I was lead to The Dub Vender Record Shack in Ladbrooke Grove by Dr. Brad Paul.  In a record shop this size of a New York City paper stand, we eagerly listened as the shop keeper played his best tracks.  One after the other, he played.  When a new track with appeal came through the sound system, the hands of our fellow DJ enthusiasts went up like we were all at an auction.  
Bo Bo Bo! 

One of the 12 inch singles I came home with, and subsequently my selection for the DJ Round, part 3, is Buro Banton - Boom Wa Dis.  As soon as the shop keeper threw it on, I ran to the counter to request my copy.  Crucial.  This one is high octane DJ. No compromises, non stop lyrics, monster, hard driving base, and vocally delivered with extra gusto & gruff. 

Buro Banton chat's it non stop. 

The audience that music is designed for has always interested me.  I always felt that the best early reggae was great because it seemed it was playing to the community of Rastafari.  As the focus switched to more global audiences, so did the quality of the music.  Who a track is built for can have a lot to do with ultimate quality of the track.  I chose this particular track with The Dub Vendor Record Shack in mind; just as Mortimer Planner was used as a roots lipness test, I have returned to The Dub Vendor Record Shack to check the validity of my DJ Offering. I am confident that Boom Wa Dis still gets the hands waving in Ladbrooke Grove, and the knowing head nod of the shopkeeper.


Howard J

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