Round 5: DJ (part 2)

From Howard J:

For the DJ round (part 2), my selection is
'Asher in Court'  originated by
Asher Senator
from the Johnny Ringo meets Asher Senator
- JA to UK MC Clash

Coming from the true DJ Sound Clash Tradition, the track 'Asher in Court' is one of those rare Reggae gems that has the ability to amuse, entertain and amaze it's listener.  'Asher in Court' is a showcase of originality, highlighted by Asher's brazen herb smoking, and his handy dealings with the British Court System. It's absolutely unique. 

I can still remember the first time I heard this unforgettable reggae fable.  Our very own Scott Schaffer had a mix tape playing in the now infamous 'Flint Hill' in Gainesville, FL.  I don't remember how he got it, but I remember dubbing a copy from his tape quickly.  Years later, while converting my old tapes to MP3, I rediscovered this track, and spent a lot of time trying to EQ it back into shape.  It still has pops and hiss from the LP it came from, only adding to its charm. 

Asher Senator comes from the heart of the British MC movement, representing the prestigious Saxon Sound & Coxsone Outernational in the early/mid 80s. Asher's signature 'fast style origination" set him apart from many of the early MC's.  Along with his chatting partner Smiley Culture, these 2 DJ's help define the sassy and satirical cockney chatting style.  'Asher in Court' is a hilarious track, with truly original lyrics end to end, littered with several all time classic one liners.  It's a great piece of storytelling, with The Senator playing all the parts, voices and all.  One of my favorite herb songs for sure, and pure DJ's through and through. 

They don't make em like this one anymore...

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