Round 5: DJ

From Scott Schaffer:

I really had My heart set on picking a uroy song for this round.  He is the undisputed founding father of this style of music (with respect to Count Machuki, King Sporty, Sir Lord Comic). Jah Son of Africa was one of my favorite albums back when I first started buying records.  The stewardess intro at the beginning of the title track is hilarious, but with Joe's dislike of the Gladiators I decided against it.  Herbman Skanking? Awesome. Great record, great memories.  I also considered some old tracks that were very successful commercially, a first for this type of music, like Wear you to the Ball or Tide is High. Instead I continued my search with people like Dennis Alcapone, Scotty, I-Roy,Prince Fari, Big youth, etc.  I even considered picking Son of Thunder by Dr. Alimantdo as a sort of shout out to you guys. 


 In the end, I chose Dillingers' CB200 off the album by the same name. 

Toasting over Gregory Isaacs beautiful "Sun shines for me", this record is definitely "2nd generation DJ".  Released in 76' it truly encapsulates many different elements that define reggae music and the 70's in particular. DJ had moved into the album age instead of just singles or compilations of singles.  The CB200 inspired a movie didn't it?  The extra cool album cover. Heck, they even mention Clarke booties.  Many herb and drug references, an extremely dread record in my opinion. 


 I guess all in all I could relate to this record a little more than the elder statesman U-Roy.  I think it's the whole package of CB200 that won me over.  After all Dilliger did have this to say about this album - "45's are like a little slug from a gun, but the LP like a rocket launched, long distance missile that shoot far".


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