Round 5: DJ

From Joe:

Big Youth: "Lion's Den" 2005,  Lion's Den 10", M-Records 2005.

This recent recording is one of the hardest tracks I have ever listened to.  Jah Yout' in full-on Old Testament style, his voice as limber and crucial as it ever was. The song is driven by the emphatic Zap Pow horns of Dean Fraser and Vin Gordon, and the heavy percussion of Skully Sims.  He chants over the track of Black Uhuru's mediocre Haf Fe Fit, but it is utterly transformed in Big Youth's hands.  It is always an unexpected delight when a musical great is still in fine form years past his or her career peak. It is almost unheard of for such artists to sound as good as or BETTER than they once did.   The only other example I can think of is seeing Joe Strummer at St Anne's Warehouse in Bkln (remember that?) the year before he died.

He has transformed deejay into something deeply hypnotic and dread here.




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