Round 5: DJ

From Howard J:

Sunday Dish by Early B. the Doctor For the DJ round, my selection is
"Take Out Your Bible” laid down by
Early B. The Doctor
from the Sunday Dish LP.

For me, Early B. represents the classic art of Jamaican DJ.  Cut from the same ‘old school’ cloth, and arguably the strongest lyricist of the DJ masters, Early B. is a DJ journeyman, who delivers his craft with humor, lyrical skills, and a "common man" vibe.   As many live dancehall tapes will prove, other DJ's of this time made their marks in the dancehalls, but few were able to capture it in album form as well as Early B.  Tracks like "Sunday Dish" “Poor Class Wann Mass” "Visit of King Selassie" and “Take out your Bible” show that this DJ delivers pure consciousness, and in a time when slackness was the flavor of the day.

I ultimately choose this track for its lyrics.  For a lot of DJ out there, the artist grabs a hook and hand full of lyrics and off they go.  Not so with Early B.  The lyrics in this track are non-stop, and where almost any other artist would be satisfied with a few good lines, Early B. runs through well over a dozen bible stories, like pasture of his parish, with knowledge and confidence. His rollout of the New Testament Chapters is the DJ stuff that made young MC’s realize they needed to head home and practice. 

"Take out Your Bible" brings together all the best elements of DJ;  with all the right ingredients.  And just like  Early B.'s Sunday Dish of red snapper, rice and peas; this track is a wholesome, authentic Jamaican treat. 

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