From Scott:

As I began this journey into my archives searching for dancehall I was pretty bummed.  I don't like dancehall very much and sure enough I found myself swimming in a sea of slackness.  So, as expected I dove into conscience dancehall in search of the best tune. Pappa Briggy, Charlie Chaplain etc.  I even considered Bunny Wailer for all of his dancehall material.  How can you argue with Bunny? 

But man, what is dancehall all about?  It's about the competition.  Which sound system is better and which DJ is better.  Who has more clout.  Who is the sound champion?  

So boys try not to tremble... From Sugar Minotts' Youth Promotion crew I bring you Tenor Saw's "Ring the Alarm".  A true classic. 

Also, this song could be the soundtrack of what we are doing here. For our clash.  After all it was four sound system competing at the time.  We could be those "four big sounds inna one big lawn"!

Ring the alarm, another sound is dying. Watch the soundman a tremble. Watch the soundman a pray. Another sound is suffering.  Ring the alarm.  Youth Promotion a play, the other three keep calm!!!!!

Are you calm?

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