From Howard J:

Hear me now. 
For the Dancehall category, there is only one track that could enter into the arena on my behalf; 

Barrington Levy’s Under Me Sensi. 

An Obvious Choice? Of course it is. 

dem say "hey natty dreadlocks, ah where you come from?
you must have two stick a sensi under your tam"
mi say "no officer, lord you must be mad,
mi only smoke cigarettes an strictly shag"

Barrington Levy is an archetype for Dancehall Style.  Amongst my all time favorite artists, Barrington Levy has the ability to touch every style of Reggae.  Coming in with Style & Fashion, Under Me Sensi captures a street-wise irreverent Jamaican tone, and congers incredible images of hanging out at Volcano during a run-in with the police. Backed by the flawless Roots Radics, the rhythm on this dancehall anthem drives hard, with a monster baseline that is pure fun.

Barrington's nod to Volcano Sound and to legendary producer Henry "Junjo" Lawes is worthy of mention.   Lawes, Levy and The Radics practically invented Dancehall in the early 1980's.  With over a 11 albums together, Lawes produced the definitive Barrington collection of albums and smash hit singles.  Have a look at Junjo's Discography/Hit factory

The Roots Radics Henry "Junjo" Lawes Barrington Levy

Gwaan Barrington!

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I will not be surprised if this track gets more than one entry for this round