Round 10: WILD CARD

From Scott Schaffer:

Stephen Marley - Someone to Love

There is no way this is going to be the last blurb.  The podcast battle lives on and on and on.  The track I have selected this round is by Stephen Marley.  It is a bonus track from Mind Control that was only on the first print bought at best buy. What's up with that? 

When I heard this track I thought it sounded vaguely familiar.  As I continued to listen, it became more and more familiar and I thought it was a cover.  Then, I checked the liner notes and this is what it said - "Someone to Love" contains elements of the composition "Send Me That Love" (Bob Marley, Rainford Perry) So, sure enough, this is a sort of "cover" more so than just a sample.  I thought it was well done and an interesting song.  As you know Stephen has put out some nice re-mastered Bob tunes and his production work is solid as well as creative.  I imagine Stephen up late in the studio, spliffed out and rendering a song mostly for his own enjoyment and probably not for mass consumption.  So, check out the track and then check out the original, off of a Bob and the Upsetter compilation.  Sort of a dual submission if you will but I think you will enjoy it. 

By the way.  This is a song that I was was trying to explain to Howard, and he said "Man I'm going to come up with a way for us to share reggae with each other"- or something like that.  The rest is podcast history.  THANK YOU HOWARD.  Enjoy.

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