From Joe:

Alright, I've made my choice. Delroy Wilson's "Addis Ababa."  (Once Upon a Time: The Bestof Delroy Wilson).  He is an unlikely candidate, as someone known primarily for rock steady. Moreover, the song is a reworking of Eric Burden's "House of the Rising Sun," making it further an unlikely choice.  But in the mid 70s, rasta/nationalist themed songs were the legitimate territory of all great Jamaican musicians, as it expressed the musical/cultural zeigeist of the time. A similar example would be Ken Boothe's "Black, Gold and Green."  The result is a surfeit of amazing anthems in that period, I think.  In this case, Wilson's haunting delivery, the heavy funde/repeater percussion, the incredibly echoey sound overall  makes it an awesome song.  I love to listen to it full volume.   Other contenders on my list were Augustus Pablo (of course), "Zion High"; Audley Rollen, "Repatriation is a Must"; Prince Alla, "Dreadlocks Nazarene";  and Max Romeo, "Open the Iron Gates." 

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